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Wednesday 13th November 2013
We often hear about the North/South divide for all sorts of things like wages, house prices and jobless numbers. Now, however, there is a grimmer subject that seems to be worse in parts of the North of England – crash statistics.

Monday 30th September 2013
From minor bumps at roundabouts to head on collisions – road accidents are at best a small inconvenience at worst at an insurance nightmare. However, it can happen to the best of us and it seems accidents are costing the UK more than £34 billion a year.

Wednesday 4th September 2013
The glorious summer is now coming to a close, the nights are starting to draw in and it is that time again when the UK’s darlings head back to school.

Monday 2nd September 2013
Are you worried about your little ones as they start heading back to school?

Monday 19th August 2013
We have all heard of the Crash for Cash scam that has been plaguing the UK’s roads now for a few years. Where unscrupulous drivers cause an accident and then claim for outrageous whip lash injuries, inaccurate car repair bills and exorbitant car hire fees.

Wednesday 10th July 2013
The days of cars being able to drive themselves is one step closer with the development of some amazing new technology. One of the biggest car manufacturers has hit on the idea of being able to ‘see’ around a corner.

Wednesday 19th June 2013
The UK summer is notorious for it quixotic nature; one minute its glorious sunshine next then you know the heavens have opened and it feels like Noah’s flood. With The Met Office making no promises about a long hot summer we just don’t know what will be around the corner.

Thursday 13th June 2013
The weather looks like it is finally starting to perk up from the depths of winter we have been labouring in for the first few months of 2013. And while this is great, for many UK drivers it can cause untold problems.

Monday 10th June 2013
The bane of many UK Drivers’ lives is the little yellow box on the side of the road, forcing a seemingly unnecessary cut in speed and supposedly lengthening travel times. The speed camera has raised debate to almost critical levels in recent years.

Wednesday 15th May 2013
There is no doubt that road and vehicle safety has improved motoring conditions and saved thousands of lives over the last couple of decades.

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