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Motoring Accident News

Monday 11th July 2011

With the recent harsh winters and hot summers the country’s road are increasing falling victim to potholes. The road surface is frozen and heated which causes it to expand and contract unevenly and any weak parts are compromised and cause cracks.

Friday 1st July 2011

Despite the huge improvements in car safety technology there are still things that could go wrong. A recent report from a leading motor research group has revealed an alarming new problem that many drivers will be unaware of.

Monday 20th June 2011

Many of the county’s drivers are now carpooling, partly to meet rising costs of car ownership. However, a recent report from a leading motor insurance provider claims that car sharing can also reduce the risk of having an accident.

Tuesday 17th May 2011

Usually motorists would expect a newer car to be safer and probably sturdier than an older model, and in the vast majority of cases this is true.

Tuesday 17th May 2011

It takes a moment's inattention and you could be involved in a road accident, it may not be serious, it may not be your fault but at the very least it a huge inconvenience.

Tuesday 3rd May 2011

Many drivers have been in the situation where they have unexpectedly needed to drive another vehicle that is not owned by them, it may be an emergency or just helping out a friend. However, motorists are now urged to check their insurance policies before they get behind the wheel.

Wednesday 20th April 2011

No motorists wants to have to make a claim on their insurance, however, sometimes it is unavoidable. Fortunately for most it is straightforward things such as dents and maybe the odd paint chip, for the ill-fated few the claim form can be a subject of mortification.

Thursday 17th March 2011

Although none of us want to be involved in a road accident sometimes it happens. Insurance companies often find the fault with one or other driver. However, they are now starting to find another set of shoulders to place blame.

Wednesday 16th March 2011

It is not surprising due to the amount of miles they do that some business drivers have the odd dent or ding in their vehicles.

Tuesday 8th March 2011

The government needs to stop its "ageist" approach to road safety and instead target those whose skills behind the wheel are lacking, according to a motorist body.

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