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On-the-spot £100 fines for drivers who ignore motorway lane closure signs
Car Insurance
Wednesday 29th May 2019
A new law set to come into force will allow motorway cameras to observe traffic and punish motorists who ignore the red ‘X’ gantry signs.
Wales backs default 20mph limit for all residential areas
Car Insurance
Monday 20th May 2019
Leaders in the Welsh government have called for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on all residential roads across the country, in an attempt to improve public health.
DfT considers new rule on turning vehicles to protect cyclists
Friday 2nd November 2018

New rules which could help safeguard cyclists may be written into the Highway Code as the Government considers an update.

The RAC reports:

Cyclists and pedestrians could be given further

Average speed cameras better at slowing cars down
Car Insurance
Friday 13th July 2018

A recent study suggests that motorists are more likely to slow down for average speed cameras than for fixed cameras.

 The RAC reports:

 RAC figures show that eight in

Scotland to ‘phase out’ new petrol and diesel cars by 2032
Car Insurance
Wednesday 13th September 2017

As the shift towards electric cars continues, it comes as no surprise that Scotland is looking to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2032.


Britain’s most profitable speed cameras have been revealed
Car Insurance
Friday 19th May 2017

Whilst speeding is illegal and should rightly be punished, it’s still interesting to know which speed cameras are most frequently snapping offenders.

AOL Cars UK, reports:

The cameras that rack

The truth about speeding
Car Insurance
Friday 18th November 2016

It goes without saying the speeding is breaking the law and should be treated accordingly. Despite this there seems to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding speeding fines and points

Smart Phone - BeWiser
Car Insurance
Thursday 27th August 2015

It is most definitely illegal to use your phone whilst you are driving, but downloading particular apps before your journey and implementing them before you turn the ignition could add

Drive-by Accident Snaps Lead To Prosecutions
Car Insurance
Thursday 4th June 2015

On May 28th a four lorry pile up occurred on the A14 between Histon and Girton. The accident was captured on the mobile phone cameras of passing drivers, and