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Thursday 11th March 2010

One in six of all deaths on Britain's roads are alcohol-related. This means that, in this country, approximately 11 people are killed each week by drunk drivers.

Sunday 7th March 2010

Motorists who are at risk of being caught up in the latest blitz on the uninsured on our roads should act now if they want to keep their cars, the motor insurance industry has warned. The motor insurance industry estimates that as many as 1.2 million are driving without insurance in the UK.

Tuesday 23rd February 2010

UK Motorists are being urged to stay vigilant to car crime, especially due to the economic climate, which could lead to an increase in vehicle crime.

Wednesday 17th February 2010

The European Commission is pushing ahead with plans to have every car equipped with an aircraft-like "black box" that will record the vehicle's behaviour immediately before and after a crash.

Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Rocketing petrol and diesel costs have contributed to a 17% increase in the overall cost of motoring in the UK.

Tuesday 26th January 2010

Motorists have faced a significant increase in the cost of parking fines under new laws giving councils the power to issue tickets of up to £120.

A record of 3.58million drivers were hit with parking fines that funnelled £214million into council coffers in a single year.

Friday 15th January 2010

'White Van Man' became a term for rude and reckless drivers of white transit vans after it was apparently coined by other motorists as an issue in UK roads.

Monday 4th January 2010

Britain has become the speed camera capital of Europe with the number of cameras almost trebling in six years.

Figures from 2001 revealed there were around 1,500 speed traps; however recent figures show that the number has risen to over 4,300.

Thursday 3rd December 2009

Five million UK cyclists may be putting themselves and others at risk because they do not have basic third party insurance cover.

Friday 6th November 2009

Boy racers and drivers who don’t say thanks when you’ve let them out are the two most annoying types of road user for British motorists, with a survey revealing there is a need for better manners on UK roads.

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