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Speed & Safety Camera News

Wednesday 20th February 2008

Motorists breaking the speed limit on roads close to Heathrow are to be snapped by new digital cameras, it has been reported.

The Evening Standard states that the new Gatsos have replaced old film models and are much more efficient.

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

Motorists who fall asleep at the wheel may find that they are saved by a new system developed by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

Friday 11th January 2008

Motorists have been snapped applying make-up and brushing their hair behind the wheel by cameras in Sunderland, it has been reported.

According to the Sunderland Echo, eating, drinking and kissing at the wheel are also quite common on the road.

Wednesday 9th January 2008

There is a war on uninsured drivers and it is being won by authorities, it has been claimed.

Insurance Daily has reported that the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) has seized 150,000 automobiles without cover this year.

Monday 7th January 2008

Police in North Wales are to crack down on motorists who eat behind the wheel by using speed cameras, it has been reported.

According to the Daily Post, officers in the region will employ the method to catch out smoking drivers as well.

Monday 7th January 2008

A new website has been launched for motorists in the UK who believe that looser laws should apply to speeding.

Speedaholics.com supports "responsible driving" and not the reckless use of vehicles, according to a spokesman.

Friday 4th January 2008

A new initiative from authorities in Tayside will see officers crack down on drivers who speed on the region's rural roads, according to a national news source.

Saturday 29th December 2007

Generating awareness is crucial in reducing road deaths caused by under-age motorists, it is claimed.

Monday 24th December 2007

Tens of thousands of vehicles have been seized by Merseyside Police in a two-year clampdown on illegal driving.

According to the force, more than 20,000 cars have been taken off the roads since Operation Tango began in January 2006.

Thursday 20th December 2007

Drivers should make sure that they keep both hands on the wheel whenever they are on the road, it has been claimed.

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