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Only one in six French learner drivers pass tough new theory test in its first two days.
Monday 27th March 2017

Learning how to drive is a privilege, not a right, and with roads getting busier and cars getting larger, it makes sense to update both the theory and practical driving test. But have they been made too difficult? In France, it seem that they might.

Poor parking can cause rifts between neighbours
Friday 24th March 2017

You turn into your street and pull up to your house… but they have parked there again. Right in front of your front door. But what do you do? Park a few doors down and forget about it, or would it be the start of an ongoing rift between you and your neighbours?

Yahoo! News reports:

Driverless cars could cause accidents because they will enable motorists to sleep at the wheel
Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Does ‘driving’ a driverless car really mean you can take your eyes off the road, or will passengers still need to keep an eye out for potential hazards? In which case, what’s the point of a driverless car in the first place?

Steven Swinford, The Telegraph, reports:

New electric London taxi undergoes extreme Artic Circle test to ensure you’ll be warm when you catch one in town
Monday 20th March 2017

Waiting for a taxi can get chilly, especially with our notoriously unpredictable British weather. So, it might be comforting to know that London taxis have been tested to ensure they’re delightfully toasty when you hop in.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Volvo plots fully electric and autonomous vehicles in the next four years
Friday 17th March 2017

Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality, and with manufacturers such as Volvo joining the party, it’s becoming more and more likely that each and every one of us may own a self-driving car in the foreseeable future.

Yahoo! News reports:

How can you check that the nearly-new car you are buying isn’t a second-hand hire car?
Wednesday 15th March 2017

Understanding the details of a vehicle before committing to a purchase is must. But what if your potential new set of wheels was a previous hire car? Would that swing your decision?

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, report:

Uber launches self-driving taxis, with people unknowingly getting picked up by autonomous vehicles
Tuesday 14th March 2017

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but in this case the prospect of securing a free uber ride is a real one! Granted, this is currently only in Pittsburgh in the US, but it signifies the launch of autonomous cars on realroads.

Can you guess the nation’s favourite used cars?
Friday 10th March 2017

What car do you drive? Do you enjoy driving it, or are you looking to change it for something else? Perhaps a list of the nation’s favourite used car will provide a little inspiration.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

Zero-tolerance law for drivers using mobile phones enforced
Wednesday 8th March 2017

Using mobile phones whilst driving has been an ongoing issue for many years, but it has failed to be taken seriously by many drivers. New legislation has meant tougher punishments, but will even that be enough?

Nissan unveils X-Trail 4Dogs concept
Monday 6th March 2017

If muddy pawprints are a part of your everyday life, then perhaps a car that can accommodate your furry friend is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Equipped with a hose, dryer, non-spill bowl and much more, it’s ideal for taking your four-legged friend out on adventures.

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