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Be Wiser Win Feefo Trusted Service Award
Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Be Wiser is proud to announce that Feefo, an independent customer review engine, has awarded Be Wiser with a Gold Trusted Service award.

The app that turns all of us into informants
Wednesday 22nd February 2017

If you’re frustrated with people parking unlawfully on your property, then this might be the answer to your prayers! A new app has been released, enabling people to report illegal parking on private land, and you can even get £10 for doing so!

James Dunn, The Mail Online, reports:

Most parent don’t know child seat rules, survey shows
Monday 20th February 2017

Recent reports show that most parents don’t know child seat rules, and consequently, could be unwittingly putting their children at risk.

Yahoo! News reports:

Two-thirds of parents are not aware of the rules surrounding child car seats, according to new research.

Majority of drivers caught on mobile phones don’t get a fine
Friday 17th February 2017

Using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. It’s highly dangerous for both the driver and other road users, so should the punishment be harsher?

Emily Kent Smith and Chris Greenwood, The Daily Mail, reports:

Is internet shopping the future for car buyers?
Thursday 16th February 2017

Would you trust buying a car straight from the internet? What about booking a test drive? With the internet taking over our everyday lives, internet shopping for car seems to be the future.

Mike Rutherford, Auto Express news, reports:

This is how you’re supposed to use your fog lights
Monday 13th February 2017

Bad weather has far from left us, and with the faint promise frozen fog, it’s worth double checking that not only do you know how to turn on your fog lights, but when it’s appropriate to do so.

Motorist stopped for eating cereal at the wheel during police crackdown
Friday 10th February 2017

Driving whilst using a mobile phone is illegal, it’s a major cause of distraction and this makes it dangerous to both yourself and other road users. Recently, a man has taken this to a whole other level, by eating his breakfast cereal at the wheel!

RAC news reports:

Norway to ‘completely ban petrol powered cars by 2025’
Wednesday 8th February 2017

Norway continues to lead the way in reducing harmful vehicle emissions. The Norwegian government have reportedly proposed to completely ban the sale of petrol powered cars within the next decade. This is an enormous task that arguably every other country should also be embarking on.

Drivers feel the pinch as the price of diesel hits a two-year high of £1.22 a litre
Monday 6th February 2017

Do you drive a diesel and have you been stung with the rising cost of fuel? With news that the fuel is more dangerous to humans than petrol (even if we were told it was better for the environment), it’s a bad time for diesel owners all round!

Claire Heffron, The Mail Online, reports:

Can you guess what Britain’s favourite new car colour is?
Friday 3rd February 2017

You may be surprised to hear that the colour of the car you drive is more significant than you might think. Can you guess what Britain’s new favourite car colour is?

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

The official figures for the most popular car colours of 2016 are out.

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