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Ban cars from idling near schools, says UK public health agency
Friday 22nd March 2019

A UK health organisation has called for cars to be banned from idling outside schools in an attempt to reduce the dangers of air pollution for students.

Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, reports:

A fifth of drivers ignore smart motorway ‘red X’ signs risking £100 fine
Wednesday 20th March 2019

New research has revealed that more than 20% of drivers admit to disregarding the red X on smart motorways.

The RAC reports:

Those who ignore ‘red Xs’ could be endangering lives as well as risking £100 fines and three penalty points.

Utility companies taken to task over poor road repairs
Monday 18th March 2019

New government proposals could see utility companies being forced to repair potholes caused by roadworks that they complete. 

Tristan Shale-Hester, Auto Express, reports:

UK car output driven down by plunging demand in China
Friday 15th March 2019

January saw the eighth month of decline in the number of cars the UK made, with much of the decrease being attributed to a reduced demand in Chinese markets.

The BBC reports:

Delays increase on motorways and A roads
Wednesday 13th March 2019

Congestion on major motorways and A roads caused an increase in the average length of delays for motorists in 2018.

Tristan Shale-Hester, Auto Express, reports:

10-year-old tyres could be banned to boost road safety
Monday 11th March 2019

The Department of Transport is set to launch a consultation as to whether tyres over a decade old should be banned from certain types of vehicles.

The Daily Mail reports:

Automatic emergency braking systems set to become mandatory in EU
Friday 8th March 2019

European leaders are set to vote on whether a number of advanced safety systems are to be made compulsory for new vehicles sold in the continent.

James Attwood, Auto Car, reports:

Spike in road accidents during 10-minute evening period
Wednesday 6th March 2019

Accident rates increase by over 7% during November and March compared to the summer, a study by an accident-management company of almost 60,000 collisions has found.

Tristan Shale-Hester & Hugo Griffiths, Auto Express, reports:

Drivers hit by sky-high fees at UK airport drop-offs
Monday 4th March 2019

An analysis of the drop-off prices of some of the country’s busiest airports has found that drivers are facing eye-watering fees for picking up those who have just landed.

The RAC reports:

Drink-driving deaths reach eight-year high with up to 330 fatalities in 2017
Friday 1st March 2019

Research has revealed that in 2017 there was an estimated 26% increase in the number of fatalities caused by drink-driving compared to the year before.

James Gratton, The Sun, reports:

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