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Mon, 03/11/2019 - 09:57 -- sdukbewiser

10-year-old tyres could be banned to boost road safety

Mon, 11/03/2019
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10-year-old tyres could be banned to boost road safety

The Department of Transport is set to launch a consultation as to whether tyres over a decade old should be banned from certain types of vehicles.

The Daily Mail reports:

Buses, coaches and minibuses would be banned from using tyres aged 10 years or older under Government proposals.

The Department for Transport plan would see the same restriction imposed on lorries. A consultation will be launched “in due course”, a spokeswoman said.

The announcement follows research launched by the Government last year to study whether the age of a tyre has a direct impact on safety.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “Keeping people safe on our roads is our priority, and we have been working hard to understand the link between tyre age and road safety.

“Emerging evidence and leading expert testimony shows us that we need to ban tyres over the age of 10 years from larger vehicles based upon the precautionary principle – a move that will make our roads safer for everyone.”

The announcement follows the Tyred campaign by Frances Molloy, whose 18-year-old son Michael died in a coach crash as he travelled home to Liverpool from music festival Bestival on the Isle of Wight in 2012.

An inquest into the crash, which also killed 23-year-old Kerry Ogden and coach driver Colin Daulby, 53, found it was caused by a tyre that was nearly 20 years old.

Roads minister Jesse Norman said: “I want to pay tribute to Frances Molloy and the Tyred campaign for their brilliant campaign to ban older tyres on buses and coaches.

“I believe the changes we are consulting on will save lives. And I hope it will be welcomed by everyone who shares a commitment to making our roads safer, for the benefit of all.”

Whether or not the introduction of this potential law will be required is based primarily on the results of the study which was commissioned by the department last year. This brings into question whether there will be a demand for this law should the research come back unable to link a tyre’s age to the safety of the vehicle.

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