Monday 22nd August 2016
13 phobias that affect drivers, passengers and pedestrians

Not everyone is a natural driver, with ‘hesitancy’ even being cause for a fault on your driving test. But what if this hesitancy is escalated to the extreme, making the fear of driving, or other drivers, a real and scary prospect? Motoring phobias are real, and worth knowing about.

The News Wheel reports:

For the majority of people in the world, driving around town is a basic part of daily life. Unfortunately for some people, vehicular transportation can be a terrifying experience to be avoided at all costs.

More than a dozen different phobias can create a debilitating state for those with diagnosed conditions.

13 Phobias that Affect Drivers, Passengers, or Pedestrians

  1. Motorphobia: The fear of automobiles in general, also referred to as ochophobia. This goes as far as fearing the very idea of vehicles, much less being around them.
  2. Mechanophobia: The fear of machines. For some, anxiety about vehicles can extend further to most man-made, mechanized creations.
  3. Claustrophobia: The fear of closed, small spaces. Automobiles might look harmless from the outside, but being stuck inside the confined, enclosed cabin of a car can cause intense panic.
  4. Vehophobia: The fear of driving. Being in vehicles might not be terrifying, but controlling one can cause severe emotional distress to some.
  5. Amaxophobia: The fear of riding in a car. Even if you’re not the one behind the wheel, riding in a car can create a paralyzing sense of dread for some.
  6. Dystychiphobia: The fear of accidents. A reason some people don’t like being in a moving car, this phobia is concerned with the possible danger on the road.
  7. Traumatophobia: The fear of injury. Related to fearing vehicular accidents, you can fear any sort of bodily harm, inside or outside the car.
  8. Hodophobia: The fear of road travel. Some people avoid travelling on the road altogether due to this.
  9. Technophobia: The fear of advanced technology or complex devices. As vehicles continue to get more computerized and digitally-connected, this phobia is affecting more drivers.
  10. Photoaugliaphobia: The fear of glaring lights. Driving during the day might not be bad, as long as it’s not too sunny, but being confronted by oncoming headlights at night can be traumatic.
  11. Gephyrophobia: The fear of bridges. Traversing grounded roads can be a breeze but some people go out of their way to avoid going across a raised road.
  12. Chionophobia: The fear of snow. If you don’t like winter because of the snow, you probably don’t enjoy driving in the snow, either.
  13. Agyrophobia: The fear that crossing the street will cause bodily harm. Even if there are no cars in sight, the act of stepping onto a paved road can stir terror.

With claustrophobia and technophobia being more commonly recognised, it’s perhaps surprising at how specific some of the above fears are. For example, having a fear of crossing the road would undoubtedly affect everyday life, as would the fear of road travel. However, with the ever growing safety concerns involving our roads – whether that’s with the vehicles themselves or targeting traffic and pollution, we’re hopeful that the triggers for these fears become less prevalent.

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