Friday 23rd October 2015
Dirty Car Interiors - BeWiser

With a shockingly high percentage of Brits refusing to clean the inside of their cars, it’s no wonder people have become embarrassed to offer lifts to their friends or colleagues.

Yahoo! News reports:

“Filthy car interiors mean 40% of British drivers do not offer friends or colleagues a lift in their car. A further 15% of UK drivers admit they have never cleaned the interior of their car.

A survey by OSV shows 27% of drivers only clean the interior of their car once a year, while nine out of 10 drivers (88%) blame the poor state of their car’s inside on children. Also, 34% blame the mess on passengers, while 22% say they don’t bother to clean the car’s interior because kids and pets will just make it messy again.

Although a quarter of motorists are unwilling to clean their own cars due to the inevitable return of mess, it seems that 79% of people would be willing to pay a professional, rather than attempt to sort out the mess themselves.

The most common mess that professional valeters remove from cars includes food packaging, dirty clothes, pet hair, newspapers and even dog mess.

Both sexes admit to taking less care of their cars than they should, but women are the worst culprits when it comes to car cleanliness as 48% confess to keeping a messy car. Only 35% of men admit to the same messy habits.

OSV Co-Director Andrew Kirkley said: “I think that there can be few people who have always kept their car immaculate, but it is quite important to try and keep them tidy. Loose drinks bottles on the car floor, for example, can cause quite devastating accidents if they roll beneath the brake pedal. Other litter can cause similar hazards. While we’re never going to judge anyone for not keeping their car clean, basic housekeeping does make sense. And if your kids are mucky pups, try keeping a container on the back seat, so that litter is controlled.”

Getting your car professionally cleaned might be an expense worth considering more regularly, if not for the health and safety benefits, but also so you can save petrol.  Maybe even the petrol saved through car sharing can go towards getting your car valeted?  Either way, nobody should feel embarrassed at their car’s interior, so if you feel your car is in need of a little TLC, maybe it’s time to roll up your sleeves, bite the bullet, and get scrubbing.


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