Monday 20th July 2015
Supercar - BeWiser

Fiat Chrysler’s SRT engineering team have created an astonishing car based on their predictions for future racing – sadly you're not likely to have the chance to drive it in the flesh any time soon!  Fiat are calling it a ‘concept’ car because the technology isn’t available in reality, but will be in the Gran Turismo computer game for users to enjoy.

Mark Prigg, Daily Mail, reports:

“Its rear wheels are powered by a V-10 engine that delivers up to 2,168 horsepower, while the front wheels are driven pneumatically - allowing a top speed of 404mph, so fast the driver will have to wear a special suit.
Three powerful versions – S, GTS-R and X – offering increasing levels of performance and technology, and the range-topping SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo X boasts 2,590 hp combined 

The extreme exterior look of the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo was born from an internal design competition that sought a futuristic (2035) interpretation of a high-performance Dodge.  

'It doesn't take much to bring out the competitive spirit of the team,' said Ralph Gilles, Head of Design, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

'We have plenty of Gran Turismo fans in the room and every one of them has the same goal – win the race. 

'Everything we've done with the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo aims for that goal.'

The driver views the SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo's instruments and communication system on a clear digital overlay on the graphene windshield.”


Although the technology won’t be available on real roads for 20 years, players of the Gran Turismo 6 can drive the Tomahawk today.

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