Wednesday 25th September 2019
43% of motorists believe it is likely that they would fail their driving and theory test within three years of passing

New research has found that drivers in the UK are not confident in their abilities, with one in 10 people thinking they’d fail if they took their driving test immediately after passing it.

Motors reports:

New research has found British drivers are not confident when it comes to the theory and practical driving test, with one in 10 thinking they’d fail if they took it immediately after passing it.

In a survey conducted by Privilege Car Insurance, 43 per cent said it’s likely they would fail within three years of passing if they had to take both tests again, while 14 per cent said they’d fail within seven years.

Furthermore, with regards to the Highway Code, a quarter stated they haven’t looked at it since passing their test. Perhaps more worryingly, however, is that 40 per cent claimed they fail to mirror, signal and manoeuvre.

Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege Car Insurance, said: “Passing your driving test is one of life’s big milestones and I am sure that most drivers haven’t forgotten the hours of time and effort put into achieving this.

“However, it is surprising to see how little time we think it would take us to forget all we have learned. I would advise all drivers to refresh their memory every so often on the rules of the road, to ensure we are all keeping safe.”

Do you believe you would fail if you took you practical and theory tests again? This is a thought-provoking statistic that likely applies to many drivers on UK roads.

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