Monday 16th July 2012
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This is a jubilee year and many people are looking back at 1952 to see how much the British Isles have changed under the benevolent rule of Queen Elizabeth II. One area that seems to have made a big change over the years is road safety.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has recently revealed figures that show the UK’s roads are around six times safer that they were 60 years ago in 1952. This may seem surprising as there are now about eight times more cars on the road than there were at the start of the Queen’s reign with an increase from around four million to just over 34 million.

The report shows that the average numbers of fatalities has fallen from 13 per day to just five, in that time. This is mainly due to the incredible improvements in car and road safety like the introduction of compulsory seat belts and helmet wearing for motorcyclists as well as technology like airbags.

Road and vehicle safety is getting better year on year with developments in technology and legislation and yet there is still much more room for improvement. Statistics show that there was just over 1800 fatalities on Britain’s road last year and that almost all of them could have been prevented.

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