Wednesday 28th May 2014
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With local authorities cutting costs by turning off street lights in some areas it is no surprise that some roads have become more dangerous, especially in bad weather.

Overall the numbers of night-time accidents have dropped in the last five years according to the AA. However, in areas with unlit roads the drop in numbers of accidents is much smaller.

The AA reports:

“Night-time accidents in bad weather on 30 mph urban roads have been slashed by 15.6% over the past five years. But, where street lights have been switched off or are not present, the fall is just 2.0%, AA research reveals.

Official statistics show that, on darkened 40 mph built-up roads, accidents in the wet, snow or ice are down 21.8% where there is lighting, but only 5.2% where there is not.

Overall, from 2007 to 2012, a 19.6% reduction in road accidents along town and city roads where street lights were on shrank to 8.8% where drivers, cyclists, bikers and pedestrians travelled in darkness.”

The fact that in general road accident numbers are dropping is great news for UK motorists, but maybe it’s time for councils to rethink turning out the lights.

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