Monday 11th July 2011
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With the recent harsh winters and hot summers the country’s road are increasing falling victim to potholes. The road surface is frozen and heated which causes it to expand and contract unevenly and any weak parts are compromised and cause cracks. When traffic drives over these cracks small pieces of the surface break off and thus a hole is formed.

However, a recent survey of English and Welsh councils has revealed that they do not have enough money to repair the roads. The survey discovered that local authorities only receive a third of the needed budget to repair potholes and most can only afford to entirely resurface roads around once every 56 years.

All Welsh authorities and the majority of English authorities who took part in the survey said that maintenance backlog was putting the safety of road users at risk.

The RAC foundation said that situation was particularly grave for motorcyclists. Crashes caused by poor road surfaces are among the top five causes of biking accidents. Bikers require roads which are clear of debris and have minimum over-banding.

"Like all motorcyclists, I have had the frightening experience of being thrown out of the saddle by an unexpected pothole. Lucky bikers will get away with a dented wheel-rim or puncture, but others will find themselves sprawled on the road at the mercy of the traffic," said a spokesperson for the RAC Foundation.

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