Monday 28th September 2009
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Anti Car-Crash Technology Unveiled

New “Anti-Crash” technology was unveiled in Stockholm this week, and is set to change the world of motoring forever.

A German company has been developing high-tech vehicles for a number of years and claim they are getting ever closer to manufacturing a car that can drive itself. Although this mind-boggling technology might sound like something from a Sci-Fi flick, the German engineers believe that, coupled with anti-crash technology, this new breed of intelligent car will change the face of motoring on a permanent basis.

The anti crash technology allows cars to ‘talk’ to each other via wireless data transfer, sending other vehicles close by information about your direction, speed and position on the road.

The ability to monitor motorist’s movements has riled a number of personal rights groups who claim this will only enhance and enforce the “surveillance state” ideology.

The technology will show when motorists take to the roads and monitor if they travel into congestion charge zones, which has highlighted the possibility for pay as you drive charges. It would warn motorists if they were entering "sensitive areas" - such as Greater London's Low Emission Zone, which bans vehicles with high carbon emissions.

Another safety initiative showcased in Stockholm known as "Safespot", would make it possible for one car hitting a patch of ice to send an automatic warning to others in the immediate vicinity.

The invention - which is based on three laser sensors - has already been tested in a 60-mile driverless trial in California.

The lasers are contained in boxes measuring 3.3 x 7.5 x 3.3 inches. Two are placed in the front of the car and one in the back. Each box would currently cost around £8,800.

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