Friday 18th December 2015

Have you done any of your Christmas shopping yet? And if you have, then where have you put them to hide them from prying eyes? A popular choice is in the car, but it’s definitely worth checking whether your insurance provider would cover the cost of these presents should your car get broken into in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Rob Hull, The Daily Mail, reports:

In attempts to hide presents from prying eyes before Christmas, many people admit to storing gifts in their cars - but less than half check to see if they're covered by their insurance provider, data suggests.

More than 8million Britons will hide presents in their vehicles during the festive countdown.

However, the gifts - with an estimated value of £1.5bn - might not be covered against theft if the car is broken into or stolen.

Of the 3,079 adults surveyed, 16 per cent said they plan to hide gifts they're going to give in their car.

However, 58 per cent said they'll not be checking with their provider to confirm their level of cover and if the contents will be insured in the case of a theft.

When people did check to see if their contents would be covered, 39 per cent found they wouldn't be insured if the car was stolen or broken into.

The car is the sixth most common hiding place for Christmas presents. Check loved ones' wardrobes if you want to find yours before December 25th as 65 per cent admit to stashing gifts there.

Rod Jones says: 'Keeping presents hidden from the prying eyes of loved ones can be like a game of cat and mouse.


  1. In the wardrobe (65%)

  2. Under the bed (32%)

  3. In the loft (30%)

  4. In the spare room (25%)

  5. Under the stairs (17%)

  6. In the car (16%)

  7. At a friend’s house (13%)

  8. In the garage (13%)

  9. At the office (12%)

  10. In the kitchen cupboards (8%)

'But while hiding gifts in the car boot or the glove box might seem like the perfect plan, you could be leaving yourself open to a nasty surprise on Christmas morning in the event of a theft.

'It might not be top of your festive to-do list, but it's important to contact your insurer and make sure your car insurance policy covers any additional contents.

'This means if the worst should happen and the Grinch comes to steal Christmas, you'll have the right cover in place to make amends.'

According to the results of the survey, the presents most hidden in cars are toys with 49 per cent of car-stored gifts being for kids.

A further 43 per cent said they keep clothing presents in the car, while 29 per cent leave bottles of booze for loved ones tucked in the boot of their vehicle.

The most common hiding place for presents is the wardrobe, according to more than half of those surveyed, and more than 30 per cent also stash gifts under the bed and in the loft.

Yet 64 per cent admit to not checking their home insurance policy to see if it provides extra cover for gifts over the Christmas period.

Keeping the presents for your loved ones somewhere safe, can be a dilemma when space is tight and they're prone to snooping!.  But putting the right measures in place to put your mind at resting, knowing they’re all insured, will be one less things to worry about.

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Be Wiser.

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