Thursday 28th June 2012
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It makes sense that as the average age of the UK’s population is increasing then the average of the drivers on the roads is also increasing. New technology and medicine is now extending lives and this means that more and more people are living well beyond retirement age and leading active lives.

A recent review from a well known motoring organisation has revealed that there are now more than a million drivers on the country’s roads over the age of 80 including some over 100 years old. In fact currently the age gap between the youngest and oldest licence holders is around 90 years.

This weighting to older drivers is making our roads safer as the accident rate for elderly drivers is drastically lower than that for younger drivers. In drivers aged 17-19 the rate of death per 1000 license holders is around one, compared to the rate for drivers aged 80 or over is a third of this.

The only problem with a more elderly driving population is that if they are involved in an accident they are more likely to be injured or killed. As you age your body takes longer to get better and is more susceptible to infection and breaks than when you are younger.

That said, it is a great way to make sure individuals don’t get stuck in their own homes as having a car gives mobility and sociability; which has been linked to improved health and mental faculties in older people.

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