Wednesday 30th July 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

Local councils have been given the authority to issue parking tickets to drivers who park "inconsiderately", it has emerged.

Under new the legislation, the government aims to crackdown on what it deems inconsiderate driving - a ruling that could potentially affect drivers' car insurance policies.

From early next year, fines will be issued to those drivers who double-park - or park over 18 inches from the pavement - throughout the UK, although the measures are already in place in London.

In addition, motorists will be penalised for blocking driveways and obstruct pavements that have been lowered to cater for wheelchairs and prams.

"The police may take action against a vehicle that is parked causing an unnecessary obstruction whether or not this is indicated," the government statement said.

It was recently decided that transport officials would re-examine plans to introduce higher parking charges in London for vehicles with high fuel emissions.

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