Sunday 14th August 2011
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For many drivers the daily grind of sitting in traffic jams and feeling trapped by lights and junctions can only be relieved by a big release of tension. For some this means watching beat up old cars perpetually crashing into each other.

However, not all of us can afford to go to Paris to watch French drivers at the Arc de Triumphe every weekend, so a great alternative is banger racing. There are several tracks, across the country, that usually hold weekly races.

Eventually, however, even the most eager sports fan may become jaded watching the same thing over and over and the motor insurance costs of entering yourself may pose a problem.

Step forward the latest in destructive automotive entertainment… Siamese banger racing. This totally new concept features a series of Ford Sierras, each with a Mini Metro bolted on top. The driver of the Sierra takes charge of the acceleration and braking, while in a fair minded distribution of labour the driver up top gets to steer.

According to one event organiser “handling is, shall we say, somewhat compromised".  It seems the true spirit of team racing has taken on a new meaning here.

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