Friday 22nd April 2016
Blue car sales surge in Leicester as fans get behind their table-topping team bidding to make Premier League history.

How into your football are you? For some, the colour of your car should match the colour of your team. This had led to a surge of blue cars across Leicester, in a trend that’s typical up and down the country.

Rob Hull, The Mail Online, reports:

With just seven games remaining this season, Leicester City are five points clear at the top of the Premier League and look destined to make football history by becoming the most unlikely of underdogs to win the title.

And Foxes fans are getting so carried away with the hysteria that they're buying cars to match the colours of their league-topping club, Skoda has said.

Blue car sales have soared in the city, up 340 per cent compared to this time last year when Leicester City FC were rock bottom in the Premiership and looking destined for relegation.

League toppers: Leicester City's incredible run of form has not only taken them to the summit of the Premier League, it's also driven up sales of blue cars

Mick Brown, senior manager at Sandicliffe Skoda in Leicester said: 'This is a hugely proud and passionate city, and one that has been waiting a long time for its football team to climb to the top of the league.

'Now that’s a reality, we are seeing a blue revolution, not just on the pitch but off it, too.

'Blue is, by far, the most popular colour we’re taking orders for.'

But Skoda says this isn't a new phenomenon.

In fact, it's an age-old trend they've proven by looking at car sales in other areas across the country.

In Manchester, where the city is split between blue City fans and Red Devils supporters, sales of the two colours are far and away ahead of the national average.

Of all the Fabia superminis sold in the region, 27 per cent are blue and 13 per cent are red, comfortably surpassing Skoda's average of 20 per cent and nine per cent respectively across the whole of Britain.

In Newcastle, 18 per cent of all models sold are white, ahead of the 15 per cent average for the VW-owned automaker — Skoda doesn't have a black-and-white colour option, in case Magpies fans are asking.

Colour match: Leicester fans aren't the only ones to show an allegiance to their club by choosing a car in the same colour as their home shirt. Skoda said it's a trend that occurs across the country

'We're going to win the league': Leicester fans have been in full voice this season with their team edging closer to making Premier League history

Even a retailer toeing the divide between fierce North London rivals, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, has found a distinct allegiance to the respective football clubs.

A dealer in Walthamstow shifts 11 per cent of Skodas in red and another 16 per cent in white, both of which are above the UK average for the Czech car brand.

To see if there really was symmetry between the club you support and the colour of your car, Skoda asked 1,000 football-loving motorists across the UK if team loyalty affected their vehicle purchase.

It found that younger drivers in particular remained true to their football team with 21 per cent saying they'll match the tone of their motor to the home shirt of their supported club.

What colour is your car? Or maybe even your partner’s car? Is it the same colour as the home shirt of your football team? Perhaps if you pay a little more attention to the colour of cars in your area, you might be able to see a correlation.

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