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Fri, 09/29/2017 - 09:15 -- sdukbewiser

BMW is looking to give up car keys for good

Fri, 29/09/2017
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BMW is looking to give up car keys for good

Already there are cars on the market which don’t need a key for the ignition, but perhaps it won’t be long before the traditional car key is no longer needed with all vehicles.

MSN news reports,

In a few years, BMW's cars may not come with keys at all. That's the latest report from the company, which suggested at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the days of the traditional car key are numbered.

Ian Robertson, chief of sales and marketing in the BMW Group, said to Reuters at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show: "Honestly, how many people really need it? They never take it out of their pocket, so why do I need to carry it around?"

BMW already offers a dedicated app with some of its cars. This allows customers to unlock and lock the car remotely, further suggesting the company is well prepared to ditch the key altogether.

It would certainly be a welcome move for some BMW customers. High-end current models in the BMW range come with the firm's 'smart key' – a hefty device more akin to a small smartphone than a traditional car key.

Though some motoring outlets have praised its functionality, the key's size is a bugbear, with some complaining they're unable to fit it comfortably into a pocket.

BMW won't be the first manufacturer to consider getting rid of the car key altogether. Volvo has dallied with the idea, while Tesla is actually putting it into practice with the new Model 3 electric car.

Robertson concluded by saying: "We are looking at whether it is feasible, and whether we can do it. Whether we do it right now or at some point in the future remains to be seen."

Not having a key to get lost or stolen may be music to many motorists’ ears. With cars utilising technology more and more in their designs, losing the traditional key is no surprise.

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