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Mon, 05/13/2019 - 10:05 -- sdukbewiser

Britain’s road rage problems revealed as almost a quarter of drivers admit to confrontation

Mon, 13/05/2019
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Britain’s road rage problems revealed as almost a quarter of drivers admit to confrontation

Almost 25% of British drivers admit to getting involved in some form of road rage, a new study has revealed.

James Gratton, The Sun, reports:

Millions of Brits have physically confronted another driver during road rage incidents, a new study has revealed.

Almost a quarter of motorists have also purposefully followed another car after a fiery encounter.

Conducted by HPI, the study revealed a quarter of UK drivers have jumped out of their car to abuse another motorist.

Men were the worst offenders went it came to road rage, with 23 per cent admitting to physically confronting another driver.

But it isn't just lads getting fired up behind the wheel.

One in five female motorists admitted to intentionally following a vehicle to let out anger after an on-road incident.

Taking out frustrations after a bad day was the common cause of road rage, according to the study.

And getting overtaken by another motorist, tailgating and traffic jams were other frustrating reasons why drivers typically lose their cool.

Vans drivers were also voted the most infuriating on UK roads, closely followed by cyclists and private hire vehicles.

Earlier this year, two drivers were involved in a shocking road rage incident in Middlesbrough.

Disturbing footage shows one driver hurling a vacuum cleaner at a vehicle before the other motorist mows him down.

The violent incident was sparked by a head-on crash between two cars.

The study has revealed how prominent a feature road rage is on our roads, with many motorists letting their anger get the better of them.

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