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Fri, 05/19/2017 - 10:34 -- sdukbewiser

Britain’s most profitable speed cameras have been revealed

Fri, 19/05/2017
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Britain’s most profitable speed cameras have been revealed

Whilst speeding is illegal and should rightly be punished, it’s still interesting to know which speed cameras are most frequently snapping offenders.

AOL Cars UK, reports:

The cameras that rack up the most fines have been revealed after motoring experts Carole Nash completed a study.

It found that the most profitable camera was located on the A1/Great Ponton northbound road, in Lincolnshire.

In just one day it can collect over £1,661 in fines and last year alone caught more than 6,000 motorists speeding. This totalled to a staggering £606,400 from just one location.

Cameras were installed there after a series of fatal collisions and a motorist being caught travelling at over 141mph in 2015.

In second place was the M180 motorway camera west of the river Trent in Scunthorpe, which caught more than 5,853 speeders and earned around £583,500

And in third place with 5,385 people caught speeding is the camera between junctions 17 and 18 of the M25 in Rickmansworth. This section of the busiest motorway in Britain took £538,500 in speeding fines.

Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash, said: "With some speed cameras issuing tickets that amount to well into the hundreds of thousands it's understandable that, at times, motorists feel like they are being taxed again.

"It's really important to remember that such cameras are put in place to reduce accidents and save the lives of motorists and bikers, something which is far more important than any amount of money."

Some of the other roads with cameras that have taken six-figure sums in fines include the A12 in Stratford, A22 in Eastbourne, A3 Esher Bypass and A14 in Bythorn, Cambridgeshire.

Despite knowing which speed cameras are the most profitable, the best way to avoid a speeding fine is to abide by the speed limit!

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