Wednesday 30th April 2008
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People in the UK will soon be paying £84 in order to fill up a tank of petrol, it has been reported.

The cost of fuel has gone up from 93.98p per litre since last year and is expected to hit £1.50 per litre in the near future, according to the Daily Express.

It could be that this proves to be too much for car and van drivers in the UK also struggling to pay expensive car insurance and road tax bills.

Ann Robinson, speaking for consumer website, commented that the outlook for the motorist is "bleak".

She said: "This latest blow could be enough to force some drivers off the road altogether ... Cash-strapped customers are juggling price increases across all fronts."

This comes as the strike at Grangemouth is set to come to an end, potentially resulting in alleviated demand in Scotland.

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