Wednesday 21st August 2013
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Ever parked your car for a couple of hours then gone back to find the window smashed or even worse than it has gone all together? It’s a horrible situation to be in but apparently it is more likely to happen in some areas of the country than others.
Recent figures, reported by a leading motoring website, have revealed that car owners in the North of England are more likely to be the victim of car crime than anywhere else in the UK. The report was based on analysis of police force reports for 2011/2012 and the average number of crimes reported per 10,000 registered vehicles was 121.
However, drivers in Manchester reported more than 500 offenses per 10,000 vehicles. Next on the list was Bradford followed by London then Leeds. The safest area appeared to be the East of England with Norwich coming in last with 85 reported crimes per 10,000 vehicles.
Most of the crimes reported were of theft from the vehicle, which really drives home the message that we shouldn’t leave anything visible and nickable in the car when we leave it. The next highest reported crime was criminal damage so where we park our cars is also a factor; pick the brightly lit but chargeable car park for a little extra security over the free but dark alley way buy the pub.

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