Tuesday 30th September 2008
Be Wiser Insurance

To mark Older People's Day 2008, the RAC Foundation is encouraging people to recognise the important contribution of those retired car insurance customers who become volunteer drivers.According to the group, initiatives like these enrich the lives of the motorists themselves, as well as the community they are serving.The organisation also points out what a difference being able to drive in later life can make.It states it allows retirees to play a more active part in modern families which are becoming increasingly dispersed.Sheila Rainger, RAC Foundation's head of campaigns, says: "For older people, just as for teenagers, a driving licence means freedom, flexibility and independence."She adds helping elderly motorists stay on the road means communities can benefit from their "wealth of experience and willingness to serve".Older drivers may find they have access to low cost motor insurance as they age, provided they have not been involved in any accidents.

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