Tuesday 27th April 2010
Be Wiser Insurance

Rewording a person's job description could result in them picking up savings when it comes to their car insurance premium, it has been claimed.

According to a well known comparison website, those who choose to rename their profession may be able to cut costs by around a third.

It claimed that a barrister would stand to make a saving of nearly a quarter when insuring a Fiat Brava if they were to call themselves a lawyer. Other job titles that could save you money are calling yourself a builder not a bricklayer (saving of nearly one fifth), being a landlord and not a publican could save you nearly 30 per cent. A newspaper reporter keeps a third of his premium over a journalist and a broadcaster could get nearly a fifth off compared to a TV announcer.

Profession is just one aspect on which a policy is assessed, commented the managing director at the firm. Other factors used are where you live and where the vehicle is to be kept. If an insurance company has had a glut of claims from a particular type of job then this will drive up the premiums for others of that profession.

"Insurance premiums are influenced by a host of factors ranging from the number of miles you drive per year through to your job title."

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