Monday 14th March 2011
Be Wiser Insurance

Many motorists have had the unfortunate experience of having their car broken into or even stolen. There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling upon realisation that someone else has been in your private space. Not only that but if you need to claim on your insurance you may, in the end, be penalised by having a higher premium at renewal time.

In addition, it seems the thieves are getting smarter or sneakier as one, so far unsubstantiated rumour, is circulating on the internet, warning drivers of what it says is a devious new car-jacking technique.

The warning, which claims to have originated with a motor insurance company, says that car-jackers in London are turning their attentions to parked vehicles.

It continues by saying that motorists who have left their cars in public car parks have returned to their cars, unlocked their vehicles and turned around to reverse before noticing a piece of paper stuck beneath the rear windscreen wiper.

When they get out of the car to investigate, the car-jackers jump into the still-running vehicle and make off – carrying the victim's keys and handbag or briefcase away with them.

The warning ends with advice that if drivers notice paper obscuring their rear-view then they stay inside their vehicle. Neither police nor motor insurance companies have commented on the warning.

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