Thursday 22nd August 2013
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With ever spiralling fuel costs, plus car tax, insurance premiums on the rise because of fraud and general tightening of the UK belts it may be no surprise that the country’s motorists are leaving the car at home.
Figures released have shown that in the last 10 years the number of drivers who are still getting to work by car has dropped by around 2%. This may not seem like much and in fact the survey showed that more than two thirds of those asked did use their car to drive to work, the number seems to be a trend that is increasing.
The data has come from a study of the census in 2011 and interestingly showed that the number of people in England and Wales that used public transport had increased by around the same amount. This suggests that these people have swapped the car for the bus (or similar) for their daily commute, whether for money or environmental reasons. This can be seen as a step in the right direction for those who feel we need to be doing more to prevent climate change.
Another remarkable statistic that came out of the analysis is that the number of drivers ditching the car rose by almost 9% which is could be attributed to the prevalent public transport system.

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