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Tue, 06/21/2011 - 00:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Car Makers Urged To Reduce Toxins

Tue, 21/06/2011
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There is nothing like that new car smell, unfortunately new research has revealed that the interiors of our cars could be awash with toxic chemicals which manufacturers use to make our vehicles.

A study by a State-side Ecology Centre has found high levels of flame retardant and plastic treatment agents in a random selection of cars produced between 2000 and 2005. The centre has urged motor manufacturers to cut down on the amount of toxins that they use in vehicles.

Many interior parts of cars contain these dangerous chemicals including seat cushions, armrests, floor coverings and wire insulation.

The study claims that the chemicals, which have been linked to childhood growth defects and allergic reactions, are around five times higher in cars than in normal homes and offices. It suggests that the toxins are released in hot weather and then settle across the car as dust on the floors and windows. The extreme temperatures in cars during sunny spells also promotes breakdown of these chemicals into even more dangerous toxins.

The chemicals were primarily found in dangerous amounts in dust and windshield film samples and drivers are exposed through inhalation and contact with dust.

The centre recommends parking in the shade, using a reflective sunscreen, making sure that a car has been ventilated before driving on hot days and to clean the interior regularly.

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