Thursday 24th September 2009
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Car owners will be fined for uninsured cars, even if they’re off the road

Motorists who leave their cars uninsured face hefty fines of up to £1,000 even if they’re kept safely in the garage or parked on the driveway. Taxed but uninsured cars left on a public road could be clamped or seized under the new laws which are being introduced by the Government.

This new approach is intended to put a stop to the two million uninsured drivers taking to the roads each year, who, the Government claim, are responsible for 160 deaths each year.

But the proposed changes have been met with anger by many motoring groups, some stating that the rules were ‘Draconian’ and would result in law-abiding drivers being punished for innocent mistakes.

The new law will make it an offence to be the registered owner of an uninsured car, whether or not the vehicle is being used and regardless of whether it has a valid tax disc or is kept on private property.

The only way to avoid a fine will be to go through the bureaucratic process of making a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

This can only be done if the owner can find somewhere to store the vehicle. Uninsured vehicles left in the road would be clamped or seized, penalising those without driveways or private garages.

The new rules will totally rely on the motor insurance industry database, the one currently used by Police to track uninsured motorists.

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