Thursday 30th April 2015
Car Trackers To Be Installed For "Safety"

Tracking devices have been in mobile technology for a while now. With GPS tracking and people ‘checking in’ on social media it’s easy to know where your friends may be. But recent news reports that within 3 years every new car will have a tracking device that alerts emergency services in the event of accidents.

The Telegraph reports:

A serious crash will prompt an automatic call to the nearest emergency centre. Even if nobody in the vehicle is able to speak, the device will still relay the exact location, time, direction of travel, the scale of the impact and whether airbags have been deployed.

Drivers will also be able to push a button inside their car to make a call if they have witnessed an accident and are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Tests have shown that the technology could reduce ambulance, police and fire brigade response times by as much as 60 per cent in cities and half in the countryside, potentially saving around 2,500 lives a year and reducing the severity of injuries suffered by thousands more.

While this sounds wonderful for road safety and emergency response times, privacy advocates have raised the issue that the tracker may give all the drivers personal habits from their favourite location to how they drive. The biggest question left is, who gets to access this information?

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