Thursday 13th December 2012
Be Wiser Insurance
Sat-nav and other GPS systems are here to stay and some say they are a wonderful piece of technology that help drivers get from A to B with the minimum of fuss. A recent survey has revealed that these intelligent driving devices are helping motorists get out of sticky traffic situations as well. The four year study, commissioned by an industry leader, looked at data from nearly 3,000 motorists travelling more than 10 million kilometres in eight countries throughout Europe.
Almost half of those surveyed said the device helped them avoid traffic jams and other such delays. Not only were sat-navs, smart phones and other in car devices helping drivers get to their destination, but the route selected was often shorter and there were less obstructions.
This also helped the drivers’ pockets as often the change of route meant a more fuel efficient drive and so was less costly. Another money saving was found in that sat-navs helped drivers avoid speeding and so avoid fines and possible points as well.
The mental stress suffered by those behind the wheel was also much calmer and so motorists were able to reach their destination in more comfort and security and not get out of the car feeling wrung out because of a horrible journey.

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