Thursday 19th December 2013
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Christmas time means parties and visits to the pub after work for many UK workers and we all deserve a break at Christmas; we have worked hard all year.
But what if you had to spend those two weeks, and possibly more, in hospital watching over a loved one or in a prison cell waiting for a court appearance? No so much fun; and this is one of the main focus points of the anti-drink drive message from police forces across the country this year.
Realistically, it is only an inconsiderate few that do drink and drive but it only takes a moment of inattention to get involved in an accident. And especially in winter as it is more likely that drivers will be coming home from work in the dark and roads are probably going to be wet with rain and there may even be patches of fog to contend with.
If you get caught driving over the limit you could find it difficult to get a new job as many firms will not employ workers with convictions. The fines range from £2,500 to £5,000 which could mean your family missing out on Christmas presents and treats for a while. You could be banned from driving how would you take the children to school?
Is that extra drink worth the risk?

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