Thursday 28th August 2008
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Motorists in Cornwall have been targeted by police as part of a crackdown on speeders, it has been reported.According to the Falmouth Packet, those who are caught out will be shown a video on the dangers of the crime.The news source added that Cornish roads saw some 28 people killed last year, while 241 were seriously injured in collisions.It may be that those involved in accidents find it difficult to pick up car insurance policies if cover firms consider them a risk on the road."Speed is by far the biggest killer on our roads today ... Cars don’t kill people, careless and thoughtless drivers do," said the official.This comes as the Department for Transport has revealed that there was a fall in traffic deaths in the UK last year.Some 2,943 people were killed in 2007, compared to 3,150 in 2006.

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