Thursday 25th September 2008
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While latest government figures have shown a reduction in the number of slight and serious on the roads, as well as a drop in the number of deaths, it has been claimed greater action is needed from businesses to reduce the number of casualties at work.RoadSafe has argued corporate action is required to reduce the number of employees involved in road crashes, which could save on car insurance premiums as well as reduce injuries.According to the road casualty statistics annual report from the government, at least 27.1 per cent of the vehicles involved in crashes were being driven on a commute or work-related journey.Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe, said: "Road crashes have a severe impact on business efficiency."He added beyond pure financial terms, enterprises lose out in terms of missed appointment, late deliveries and staff being away from the office.The Institute of Advanced Motorists hailed the government figure as showing an "all-time low" in road deaths but warned against complacency.

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