Wednesday 27th June 2012
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With many British drivers taking their cars on the continent this year the cost of fuel is high in everyone’s mind. A recent survey by the Post Office has revealed that the cost of fuel has increased in the last few years in many popular European destinations.

Countries with the highest prices for fuel include France, Italy and Spain where increases have been of the order of 60% over the last five years. Owners of diesel cars will be slightly better off as on the whole the price of diesel fuel is cheaper on the content than unleaded.

Depending on your destination it is probably a good idea to fill up at home before travelling across the channel. Also check out your route if you are heading to the south of France a stopover in Luxembourg to get a cheaper fill up could be worth it; or if you are heading to Spain then pop into Andorra on your way where fuel prices are currently only just over £1 per litre.

However, there is some good news some of these higher fuel costs could be reduced due to the strength of the pound at the moment by as much as 10% for diesel and around 8.5% for unleaded petrol. UK motorists say that high fuel costs will not put them off their driving holidays on the continent with less than 10% saying they will not drive abroad this year.

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