Thursday 17th March 2011
Be Wiser Insurance

Although none of us want to be involved in a road accident sometimes it happens. Insurance companies often find the fault with one or other driver. However, they are now starting to find another set of shoulders to place blame.

Now motor insurance companies are pointing the finger at Local Councils and Authorities to take some of the blame for many road accidents. To say that all accidents are caused totally by lapses in judgment by drivers is unrealistic, motor insurance companies are now saying that Authorities responsible for roads, signs and barriers have a tendency to shirk the blame.

"Just because drivers who are unfamiliar with a notoriously dangerous road mistakenly take corners too fast and crash doesn't mean they deserve to die or be severely injured," said a motor insurance spokesman.

"Particularly, for instance, if they hit a lamp post or road sign that better design would have shielded behind a crash barrier. By all means keep the pressure up on drivers to improve their behaviour, but not to the extent of failing to invest in life-saving road design and maintenance," he added.

Motor insurance firms said that they were not trying to excuse negligent driving but to redress an imbalance, and admitted "most crashes" are due to driver error. Nonetheless, they have pointed to Europe as proof that better planned road design often saves lives.

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