Thursday 24th April 2014
Be Wiser Insurance

For many youngsters passing their driving test is a huge milestone on the way to adulthood.

However, the road is long and it can take months of practice before some young people feel ready for their test.

It has come to light that there is a way to gain much more road-like experience by playing driving video games. A recent survey by a leading insurance provider has shown that learners who have spent many hours playing such games have a significantly higher chance of passing their test first time round.

The worrying downside is that there was an increased risk of gamers having a crash with a year of passing their driving test. The report was covered in a news article by MSN Cars:

“The car cover provider asked 1,994 drivers aged between 18 and 50 as part of the research, concluding that a massive 73% of gamers past their test first time round.

That compared to the average first time pass rate of 58%.

However, over three quarters (77%) of those digital drivers asked also admitted to crashing within 12 months of getting a licence – even if 17% of those between the ages of 18 to 24 said they took lots of confidence from playing driving games.”

Anything that can help learners get through the stress of a driving test is great as long as they don’t take Grand Theft Auto seriously!

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