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Mon, 07/14/2014 - 10:26 -- sdukbewiser

Double Yellow Lines Still A No Parking Zone

Mon, 14/07/2014
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A proposal to allow a 10 minute “grace period” for parking on double yellow lines in town centres has been dropped by the Government after a public consultation.

The BBC reported the story:

“Businesses and the public were asked by the Department for Communities and Local Government if they supported 'extending grace periods to other areas such as yellow lines and loading bays'.

But the 'majority of individuals (55 per cent) and organisations (73 per cent) disagreed with this proposal', the report says.

'There were concerns that allowing free periods in places where parking is not permitted (such as double yellow lines), could lead to confusion.' 

The report adds that it could also 'encourage more anti-social and potentially dangerous parking and also lead to sequential parking in some popular areas where kerb space might be continually occupied despite there being a restriction in place'.

As a result, the Government has dropped its plan for double yellow 'grace periods'.”

Cars that are thoughtlessly and illegally parked on double yellow lines can prevent access for emergency vehicles and cause traffic jams - so this is a victory for law abiding car drivers.

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