Thursday 4th June 2015
Drive-by Accident Snaps Lead To Prosecutions

On May 28th a four lorry pile up occurred on the A14 between Histon and Girton. The accident was captured on the mobile phone cameras of passing drivers, and 15 of them are to be prosecuted. One lorry driver had to be cut free from the lorry cab and two of the cabs were completely crumpled.

The Telegraph reported:

Cambridgeshire Police officers at the scene noticed the volume of motorists using their phones to take photographs of the crash and began recording their number plates.

They said the sheer number of people taking pictures was unusual because the accident was particularly bad.

The motorists are likely to be prosecuted for driving while using a mobile phone, careless driving or driving without due care and attention.

A lesson should be learnt from the mistakes of the passing drivers. Not only is it unfair on the poor victims of the crash, but the danger of using a mobile whilst driving is a serious distraction and could have caused an even worse incident.

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