Monday 21st May 2012
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People in the UK may have the best intentions when it comes to the environment, but they do not always act upon them. In a recent survey it was found that slightly less than a third would walk more and around a quarter would cut down on the journeys they take and that environmental concerns ranked tenth on a list of important factors in car-buying behind other features such as price, make, model, low mileage and even colour.

With more and more evidence for global warming being revealed every day it is vital that drivers become aware of the issues and how they can do their bit to help. This doesn’t just mean going to the expense of buying a hybrid car it could mean driving in a completely different way to reduce the amount of fuel you use.

Getting out of the car and walking or cycling instead can make a huge impact on your carbon footprint but even things like using the air-conditioning less or accelerating more smoothly can reduce the amount of fuel your car uses and so could help lower emissions.

Also try checking the air in your tires, under or over inflated tires can decrease efficiency while driving. Some car insurance companies are helping drivers become more eco-friendly by offering them discounts on their policies if they go green.

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