Tuesday 18th September 2012
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UK motorists are being urged to acknowledge the dangers of whiplash-related injuries amid concerns that many drivers could be vulnerable to injury by failing to take the necessary precautions.
It is thought that more than 60 per cent of drivers have their head restraints in the wrong position, significantly increasing the risk of injury. This is despite evidence showing that car manufacturers are doing more to provide safer vehicles every year. In light of these findings, drivers have been advised to remain aware of the risk and note that the top of the head restraint should be level with the top of the head to minimise injury.
Unfortunately, almost three quarters of doctors believe that most or all of their patients are exaggerating whiplash symptoms in order to increase insurance claims. The numbers of reported whiplash cases have risen by almost a third in the last three years while the actual number of accident has decreased by around 16%.
Whiplash is the common name for neck sprains, such as those caused by injury to the spine. The injury is referred to as “whiplash” due to the neck or back being thrown forwards and/or backwards at rapid speed. Whiplash is most commonly associated with car accidents however the injury can be sustained in many other ways, including falls from bicycles or horses.

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