Tuesday 18th December 2012
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Most people will remember having to read a number plate from across the road during their driving test and for many of us this is likely to be the only eyesight check we have until the need for reading glasses kicks in.
However, a report from a driver-training specialist group has called for drivers to get their eyes tested at regular intervals. Good vision is a vital part of driving as most of the information about the road conditions and the vehicle are collected by the eyes and it is a fact that eyesight slowly deteriorates with age.
The law states that drivers should be able to read a number plate from 20 metres and so the group are recommending that drivers get their eyes checked at regular intervals. It is also a legal requirement that if you have a medical condition that could affect your eyesight you need to inform the DVLA. If you do not then you could be charged with a criminal offense at the least or have a serious accident or worse and as a result you car insurance premiums are likely to rise.
Even if your eyesight is perfect driving you can still have trouble driving, for example many people have problems driving at night and with headlight glare. To avoid this always look beyond the headlights and they will then be in your periphery vision. And of course, always keep you mirrors, windows and car headlights clean to make the most of the vision available to you.

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