Wednesday 16th January 2013
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In recent years the numbers of drivers who use their cars or drive for work have been steadily increasing. However it seems this increase has also lead to an increase in related incidents as working drivers account for just under a third of all road journeys. Every week around 10 people are killed and 100 people are injured in accidents caused by those driving for work.
A report by a leading road safety charity has revealing shocking, but perhaps not unsurprising, statistics about some who drive for work. Almost a third of working drivers admitted that they had texted while driving, around 17% had done personal grooming like applying make-up, brushing hair or shaving, at the wheel and staggeringly more than 3 quarters had admitted to speeding in built up areas. These figures are much higher than those for the general population.
These figures seem to show that drivers who are in the vehicles for work are more likely to take risks and, therefore, are more likely to be involved in an incident on the road. In fact those who drive for work are around 40% more likely to have an accident; and accidents lead to insurance claims which could cost businesses unnecessary expense.
This report shows that drastic action by business managers needs to be enforced about standards of driving and perhaps an easing of performance pressures for those who need to drive for work.

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