Friday 13th September 2019
DVLA has released some of the strangest questions posed by drivers

Via the DVLA’s “Ask DVLA” voice assist service on Google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, designed to help drivers find out when their car tax is due, people have asked some unusual questions since the service launched.

RAC reports:

DVLA has released a list of some of the unusual questions customers have asked whilst trying to find out if their car is taxed.

DVLA’s services on Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa allow motorists to ask DVLA when their vehicle tax is due by providing the registration number.

According to the agency, these services have been used over 47,000 times by more than 20,000 unique users since they launched 2 years ago.

While most people have asked when their tax is due, some have asked some slightly more unusual questions, including:

  • How do you get chewing gum off a leather settee?

  • How do I apply for Love Island?
  • Do you know a good vegan recipe for chicken?
  • Are red cars the fastest?
  • What time is lunch?
  • Is it going to rain in Ellesmere Port today?
  • What did you think of the Bumblebee movie?
  • How can I stop my flatmate drinking my milk?
  • Where are my socks?
  • Is this rash normal?

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard said:

“We want motorists to be able use our services quickly and easily and voice assistants are becoming more and more popular.  While some of the questions customers have asked us fall a little outside our area of expertise, we will continue to make our services simpler, better and safer.”

Nearly 98% of interactions with DVLA are now carried out using DVLA’s digital services.

“Ask DVLA” is clearly a successful and popular service, both for its designed usage and for other questions that stray from car tax. Hopefully everyone managed to find out the answers they were looking for!

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