Tuesday 9th February 2010
Be Wiser Insurance

Statistics show that motorists over the age of 70 have more, serious accidents than any other sector of the population.

With over 550 accidents a year where the driver was aged 70+, and where the driver was either killed or badly hurt, it’s no wonder car insurance premiums rise as motorist’s age.

That statistic represents 8% of the national total of 7,035 similar accidents. Research also shows that drivers aged over 70 are 13% more likely to claim on their insurance than drivers aged between 40 and 50.

Many insurance companies have already taken initiatives to limit or eliminate coverage altogether for motorists over the age of 70. However, there are still a small number of “over 75 driver car insurance” companies that continue to specialise towards this age bracket – but prepare to pay the price.

Motorists seeking over 75 driver car insurance will pay up to 40% more than 50 year old drivers. Typically, 50 year old drivers enjoy the lowest premiums of all age groups given their considerable experience and potential for spotless driving records.

For motorists looking for over 75 driver car insurance, their best bet is to accumulate a perfect driving record and stay on good terms with your car insurance provider.

Many insurance companies already believe that drivers over 80 are as high a risk as the under 25's - and charge premiums to match. High risk driver statistics will only become more prominent in the UK, with the amount of elderly drivers doubling throughout the next ten years. If the numbers hold true, more accidents will plague the roads and more claims filed.

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