Tuesday 30th March 2010
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With hybrid cars becoming more and more popular it seems many consumers are seeing the advantages to the environment and their pocket. Recent research has shown support for electric cars.

More than nine out of ten respondents to a recent survey have indicated they feel that electricity could be a viable fuel source for their cars in the coming years.

The survey found that respondents were keen for electricity for cars to be generated through renewable means, with nearly half stating that it should be produced in this way.

However, the website declared that there are still some environmental advantages to traditional combustion engines, pointing out that as they use a direct energy source, it is simpler to calculate their carbon emissions in grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

It also asserted that as methods of sourcing electricity can differ widely from country to country and change year by year, it is more complicated to determine the carbon footprint of an electric vehicle.

In a recent survey by the Depart of Transport the vast majority of adults supported the Government persuading people to purchase less environmentally damaging vehicles.

In addition, three-quarters said that they would undertake at least one activity which would reduce their car journeys, most often walking some short journeys or reducing the number of non-essential journeys.

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