Monday 16th September 2013
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More than 30,000 people die on the roads in Europe with a further 1.5 million injured. The time has come to slow down says EU with a bid for new legislation that would mean cars are fitted with devices to stop speeding. The estimate is that around 6,000 lives would be saved if drivers could be forced to keep to speed limits with the ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’ (ISA).
Despite the fact that the UK has one of the best road safety records in the EU with numbers of deaths falling from around 1900 to just over 1750 last year compared to figures or almost double that in both France and Germany.
The technology is not new but the application is, new cars would roll of the production line with cameras that “read” speed limit signs and then automatically adjust the speed of the car by applying the brakes if it is travelling faster than the legal limit.
However, leading motoring organisations in the UK are concerned that as the driver might not be in full control of the vehicle at all times this could be a big safety issue. For example on an urban road where the limit is 30mph a driver overtaking a slower vehicle like a tractor may have to quickly accelerate to avoid a head on collision but would be unable to if the car decided they were travelling too fast.

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