Friday 13th December 2013
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For anyone that has driven on the continent you will know that sometimes the road signs can be confusing. Not only because they are in a different language but because their format and layout are also unfamiliar. A new initiative from the EU is to standardise road signs across the Europe in an effort to reduce deaths and revolutionise the way we drive.
Not only will the new signs help to make driving between countries easier and less stressful but also one day to help the semi-intelligent cars in development recognise the signs and take appropriate action. With more and more helpful technology in place in new cars this is one step nearer to the driverless vehicles of the future.
In fact, some car manufacturers have already built in software capable of correctly reading some signs that are standard in countries like France and Germany. The European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) is pushing for uniformity across Europe.
Road markings could also be included in the scheme which will need to be made to a standard 6 inches. However, this idea could be put on the back burner as local councils in the UK are already strapped for cash and the extra investment required may not be available for a few years.

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